Selected Quotes

"a hearty standing ovation from the packed house" ~ Broadway World, NY

"Acoustic Guitarists Astonish!" ~ The Orion, Chico CA

"One of the most enjoyable evenings I have had, attending a concert, in almost 40 years – and I have been to LOTS of concerts." ~ Lee Greene, concert reviewer, Jacksonville Review, Medford OR

"One of the best guitar concerts I've ever heard and Peter Janson is now one of my favorite musicians" ~ Jim McCarthy, Ojai CA, from FaceBook post

"Best guitarist I have ever heard! My wife and I were lucky enough to see Peter in concert this past Saturday night... and I can say that he is the most talented guitarist that we have ever heard." ~ Michael Rezendes, from iTunes site customer review

"You know that I hear A LOT of great guitar playing; I’m very lucky. But your concert was among the very best that I’ve ever heard!" ~ Jennifer Martin, concert promoter, Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo CA

“Peter Janson is absolutely one of the best, heartfelt acoustic players of today!" ~ Chuck Ebert, Grammy Award Winning Producer

"Thanks for an unforgettable evening with some of my favorite compositions. You and Peter gave an affirmation of what can be done with a guitar in the hands of an artist." ~ Doug Cupples, Memphis TN, from FaceBook post after an "A World of Guitar" concert with Peter Janson and Aaron Larget-Caplan

“Peter Janson is one of the most prepared and professional guitar players I've worked with. His dedication to his tone as well as great arrangements and writing is outstanding.” ~ Brandon Bell, Grammy Award Winning Engineer

"It wasn't like I was watching two musicians, it was like I was watching two magicians!" ~ audience member at a Peter Janson and Tim Farrell concert, Blackstone River Theatre, Cumberland RI

"Janson is a gifted acoustic fingerstyle player" ~ TJ McGrath, Dirty Linen Magazine

"Peter Janson’s music has the substance of great jazz and classical music presented in an original and accessible style. Truly great!" ~ Steve Hunt, jazz pianist with Allan Holdsworth, Stanley Clarke, Billy Cobham, Angela Bofill, Tom Brown...

"Fantastic! Fabulous! Phenomenal! I could go on and on … Your concert was amazing!" ~ T. Healey, Stoughton MA

"A rare 10+!" ~ Ming Yuan, Spirit of Change Magazine

"Peter, Your work Friday night in Chico was astounding. As an amateur musician with a music degree, I have an appreciation for what it takes, and an ear for many aspects of what's going on in the music. Especially your 2nd piece, the Metheny/Janson piece, was art in its highest form. In the middle of the piece I noticed the whole room was still except for each note. The soft passages were still crystal clear. It's the kind of thing I live for." ~ Chris Wolf, Chico CA

"I loved what you played last night - the mixture of Earl Klugh, touches of Metheny, little bits of medieval and Celtic scales - all woven into your own aesthetic. And from where I was in the back of the room, flawless technique and tone." ~ audience member after a Peter Janson concert

“The musicianship that you both displayed, the emotion, sensitivity and technical prowess, was really remarkable. A great mix of genres, eras, geographic points of reference...really a well thought out and delivered performance. I couldn't have imagined a more enjoyable evening. Yes indeed, you gentlemen certainly deserve the title of American Guitar Masters.” ~ Rick Simboli, concert promoter and owner, Cock ‘n’ Bull, Galway NY (commenting on presenting an American Guitar Masters concert with Peter Janson and Steve Davison at his venue)

Beautiful simple melodies, beautifully intricate fingerstyle! Peter Janson continues to teach and continues to grow as a player. His pulloffs and slides surprise and delight and ornament the melodic line enchantingly. Listening to him interpret a line is like losing yourself in a gorgeous bit of Celtic knotwork. ~ Bruce V Keary, five star Amazon customer review of A Long Road

Awesome Celtic music! Heard Peter in concert last night and he played a song off this CD called Hey Jenny Come Down to Jock/Shepherd's Delight and WOW it was just Beautiful... Had to purchase this CD.. So Relaxing.. Unbelievable finger picking!! This is an Awesome CD. ~ lee297, five star Amazon customer review of A Long Road

Peter Janson does it again! Another excellent selection of songs displaying originality, hardwork, and the beauty of Peter Janson's finger picking ability to project the delicate sounds of his music through his guitar. Anyone, who enjoys Finger Picking Music, of a Guitar Master, needs this CD for their collection. ~ Frank Caputo, five star Amazon customer review of A Long Road

Unbelievable musicianship and playing ability! Wow! Peter Janson is truly one of America's Guitar Masters. The engineering on the album leaves you feeling like you are in the room with Peter recording live! I cannot stop playing and sampling this album! ~ emit, five star Amazon customer review of A Long Road

"I am so touched by your music... I am grateful for your magic talent!" ~ P Gaboriault, Facebook message

Wonderful! I really enjoyed listening to this new album. Well done from all aspects. I listened to it twice in a row when I purchased it! Highly recommended ~ Fido, five star Amazon customer review of A Long Road

"Peter Janson is an incredible musician and an elegant stylist -- Compass Rose is modern acoustic guitar at its best... Janson produces a rich palette of tones and timbres that will amaze you. If you like fingerstyle guitar featuring artistry that goes well beyond technique, this music is for you." ~ This review is from: Compass Rose (Audio CD) – from customer review by D Bosch

"Remarkable artistic vision... a consummate acoustic guitarist" ~ Bill Binkelman, Wind & Wire Magazine

"The way Peter Janson layers melodies inside other melodies really blows me away!" ~ P. Madden, Roosevelt NY

"Luscious tone and elegant compositional ideas... his compositions have real depth" ~ Acoustic Guitar Magazine

"A new standard" ~ Instrumental Weekly Magazine

"In a market glutted with songwriters' frenzied attempts to communicate in today's fast and furious style, Janson has slipped out the back door along with other artists like Norah Jones and Bruce Cockburn. Instrumental acoustic guitar playing may be an old craft, but Janson reinvents it with delicate fingering and deftly crafted melodies that slip beyond words." ~ Emily Wilcox, The Carver Reporter

"Peter Janson amazed audiences with several numbers off his latest CD and brought a number of those attending unexpectedly to tears with his poignant rendering of an old Irish jig" ~ Christopher Harding, Salt Lake City Entertainment Industry Examiner

"I just purchased and listened to the new recording. Wow! Just WOW!" ~ Jennifer Martin, San Luis Obispo, CA

"Your new album is FANTASTIC! I love it. Your skills and connection to this music really come through." ~ Bob Samuels, Providence, RI

"I'm really enjoying the new album, well done (again)!" ~ Jim I., Davis, CA

"I LOVE your new cd!" ~ Jackie Waitkus, Easton, MA

"Been listening to your latest CD, love it!" ~ Diandra Bergman, talking about A Long Road CD, from Bridgewater, MA

"Peter you are such an inspiration to us all. You work is impeccable and has the Power to reach within and touch the Heart, Spirit, and Soul. Thank you for sharing your Gift with the world."> ~ Relative Soul

"Really an absolutely beautiful record!” " ~ Jamie Bonk, Musician, Toronto ON (commenting about the A Long Road CD)

"Last night's show was incredible! Beautiful guitar-playing with such passion and energy given by Peter, Doug and Larry! And the finale by Peter of Sligo Creek was spectacular!" ~ Janie Crag, San Jose CA

"Wow! Such a great show! So much feeling in the playing, compositions and arrangements of all! Thanks to Doug, Larry and Peter! This is what acoustic fingerstyle guitar is about! Wonderful evening!" ~ David Hilliard, Santa Clara CA

"Really enjoyed listening to your work. Excellent musicianship. Superb guitars and the natural sound you get, even on the pieces recorded live, is phenomenal. Hope you get over to the UK sometime for some concerts" ~ Martyn Webster, Yorkshire UK

"Beautiful playing! ... exquisite." ~ Wayne Chimento, Califon NJ

"Very beautiful music!" ~ Eric Appollinaire, La Notepicking Radio, Paris France (commenting on airing the A Long Road CD)

"the playing here is superior — with his signature contrapuntal arrangements, Peter sounds at times like he is playing with four hands, and he brings out all the natural warmth of the acoustic guitar." ~ Tom O'Grady, - Irish/Celtic blogsite

"If you ever play in Paradiso, I'll be there!" ~ Pasado Tjeertes, Heiloo Netherlands

"Your playing is real sweet. My cup of tea. I hope to hear you live in Amsterdam!" ~ Barbara Pyle, Amsterdam Netherlands

"...a particularly exceptional rendition" ~ Mike Milton, ON Canada

"That's some great playing. A true inspiration" ~ Keen Meng Wong, Chichester NH

"Firelight Moonlight and Compass Rose. Great arrangements and touch. Thank you!" ~ Martin Sosa, Eureka MT

"Love your music!" ~ Steve Spencer, Mexico City Mexico

"I love the music!" ~ Dermot William Tenanty, UK

"...this was beautiful!" ~ Rosemary Lambin, Chicago IL

"Good Stuff Peter!" ~ David Breeds, Johannesburg South Africa

“You’re a wonderful guitar player and musician!" ~ Rene Wilhelmy, Canada

"Wow Peter I am lost for words. I admire artists like you with the gift." ~ Brett Greenland, Townsville Australia

"Beautiful tunes, clean, original, and fun. Wonderful stuff." ~ Terry Pinnegr, Franklin TN

"I really enjoy your music! My Irish roots take me to such a dear place as I listen to this beautifully arranged music. Thank you!" ~ Peg Andrae, Midlothian, VA

"Sounds great!!" ~ Frederic Desque, Pessac Aquitania France

"I stand in awe Peter!" ~ Dennis Pashen, Mount Isa Australia

"Very enjoyable and inspiring." ~ Jayne, Larkspur CA

"Thanks for moving me and touching my life with your music." ~ Diane McGee, Half Moon Bay CA

"I think you're a fabulous player!" ~ Yiannis Gougourelas, Thessaloniki Greece

"Great stuff Peter!" ~ Dave Eyles, Mackay Queensland Australia

"“You play beautiful music on your guitar i could have listened to it all night." ~ Anthony, Burnley Lancashire UK

"I like your melodic style!!" ~ Gianandria, Bologna Italy

"Beautiful playing!" ~ Curt Tresenriter, Peoria IL

"Great music Peter. I really like you style and musicianship. Thanks!" ~ Ron Bloor, Toronto ON

"Your music reaches into my heart and my soul!" ~ Lisa Tabor, Thunder Bay ON

"You are my number One album!" ~ A. Berry, Boston MA

"Great show, we really enjoyed it! " ~ C. Fox, Keene NH

"'s been such a long time since a performance has touched me like yours has." ~ J. Billings, Hyannis MA

"So rich, so deep, so heartfelt." ~ Nancy Hopps, Eugene, OR

"Firelight Moonlight is SUPERCOOL!!!!" ~ P. Palma, Milan Italy

"Your music is truly beautiful and very moving. I could go on for quite a while describing how it moves me! I can’t stop playing it!" ~ J. DiStase, Princeton NJ

"To be honest, I’ve known a lot of musicians over the years (since my days long ago in a garage band and later work in the concert industry), and not much of their music made me sit up and take notice. But Peter Janson’s was haunting. I couldn’t turn away. Thanks for the revival." ~ John Dennison, author

"I love, love, love your music!" ~ Anne Williams, Nightscapes

"As soon as it arrived I put it in the player, and immediately fell in love with it. You’ve composed some great music here." ~ Cindy James, KRSC-FM

"In the hands of a master, six strings become an orchestra!" ~ Jerry Lagadec, Bridgewater MA

"....filled with an artist's brushstrokes" ~ Kirk Albrecht,

"the album {Winter Gifts] is subtitled Seven Songs for the Season and I wish it were seventy. This is one you can play all year long. ~ RJ Lannan, Zone Music Reporter